So we are getting married. And to make it easier for everybody, we put together this page so that you can find the answers to all the usual questions. There’s very poor cell phone coverage at the venue so please read the following information carefully. A detailed program will be available directly at the site on the wedding day. If you will come, as we hope, please answer a few organizational questions by the mid June.



The wedding will take place at 4pm on July 30th 2016, but you’re very welcome to arrive a day earlier and have a chance to slip smoothly into the unique atmosphere of Svatý Jan.


Svatý Jan pod Skalou

The place – Svatý Jan pod Skalou



Svatojánská kolej – vyšší odborná škola pedagogická
Svatý Jan pod Skalou 1
266 01  Svatý Jan pod Skalou
Czech Republic

Getting There

Being just within a stone’s throw from Prague, getting to Svatý Jan is really simple.


Get first to Prague Main Station (Praha hlavní nádraží) and then take suburban train S9 to Srbsko (45 min, 54 CZK, the train leaves in 30 min intervals). The train takes you through the valleys of Vltava and Berounka rivers, surrounded by beautiful limestone rocks. This is perhaps the nicest way to get there. You can either have a lovely walk from Srbsko through forest (map) or you can arrange a lift with us.


After arrival to Václav Havel Airport Prague, take the bus 100 to Zličín and then from Zličín take the bus 384 to Svatý Jan (about 1 hour, 46 CZK). See By Prague Public Transport below.

Prague Public Transport

Take bus 384 from Zličín to Svatý Jan (about 40 min, 24 CZK). You can find the suitable connection there. You can by directly to the bus driver, but you need more-or-less exact amount.


Seemingly the most convenient option, but beware the highways can be very busy and there are mutiple construction works in summer so expect delays. From Prague or Pilsen (Plzeň), take the highway D5 towards Pilsen/Prague and then take the exit 10 to Loděnice/Karlštejn. Then turn left on a small square, head west and after about 500m take the first left towards Svatý Jan. If you plan to arrive by car, please let us know so that we can arrange parking. The spaces are limited.


You can either sleep right at the venue (for free) or arrange the accommodation on your own in one of the nearby B&Bs or hotels. Svatojanská kolej is actually a student house, so we offer all invited guests a room. The rooms are modest, but clean and equipped with basic furniture. The newly reconstructed bathrooms are shared on the floor. While this may perhaps not offer the highest comfort, the genius loci of the old monastery is definitively something to remember:). Alternatively, there are multiple other options nearby:


For those accommodated directly at Svatojanská kolej, we can arrange a breakfast (for free), but we need you to let us know by the end of May about your preferences. The nearest restaurant is in the hotel Obecná škola directly at Svatý Jan, or about 1km from Svatý Jan in Hostim. Another 2km from Hostim there are a couple of restaurants in Srbsko. We can recommend Krobián in Hostim.


We’ve invited quite a lot of kids. There will be a children’s corner/playground in a safe distance from the somewhat grown-up adult kids:-). We also plan to hire a babysitter (a student of pedagogy), who will arrange the program for the kids (of course only in case the invited kids indeed come). If you’ll travel in a car and you’ll have the chance, we will very appreciate if you could bring some toys.

Clothes and “dress code”

We cannot and will not at all express any wishes regarding the dress of anybody. Our main wish is that everybody feels well and comfortable and we will adhere to this as well. And it doesn’t matter whether that means to wear simple clothes or fancy opera dress. Nevertheless, to avoid any confusion or discomfort please take into account the following: 1) it may be very hot at the end of July; 2) the wedding takes place at student house, not an opera; and 3) we ourselves will stay as natural as possible – you know us so you know also what that means:-)).


The biggest gift to us will be your presence – seriously! If you still insist on some brilliant idea of a small present, we will be very happy – of course. If you think of bringing something voluminous, please reconsider it as we don’t really have much place to keep it. If your intuition suggests so, coins and papers are a nice present too:-).

Do and Explore

Svatý Jan is in a gorgeous protected landscape area Czech Karst and it is a fantastic place for hiking and other sports. Just about 1-2h hike from Svatý Jan there is one of the most beautiful Bohemian castles Karlštejn (built by Charles IV to keep the Bohemian crown jewels). Another fantastic walk is in the canyon of Berounka river starting at Srbsko. Finally, if the weather permits, you can swim in a former quarry Kosov with unbelievably clean water (mind the crayfish!).

There is a possibility to rent a bike directly from Svatojanská kolej. Please let us know by the end of May if you wish to rent a bike (low charge).

Finally, the venue is very close to Prague, so that may be worth a trip too!